How Can Hartye Technology Help Your Business?


Salesforce Implementation

Like every great journey, your CRM journey begins with a single step. Let Hartye Technology make sure it's on the right foot. Whether you're brand new to CRM, or stuck in one of those other products, we'll help you develop a strategy that best fits your organization's needs. Tasks like mapping out your business processes and migrating data from legacy systems may seem insurmountable, but we eat that stuff for breakfast.


Salesforce Configuration

Sure, you can buy a suit off the rack, but for a perfect fit, you go to a tailor. The same goes for your CRM!'s impressive array of features can be a bit overwhelming. Let Hartye Technology help you select and configure features most applicable to your business goals and processes. Leverage our expertise in Page Layouts, Workflow and Validation Rules, Approval Processes, Reports, Dashboards, and more to help your organization work smarter, not harder.

Custom Development

Salesforce Custom Development

If Configuration is tuning your engine, Custom Development on the Platform is adding rocket boosters and an ejector seat! With our knowledge of Apex, Visualforce, the Web Services API, and cool web technologies like HTML5 and jQuery, Hartye Technology can create complex business logic, seamless systems integrations, and rich, intuitive user interfaces. Going mobile? Hartye Technology can bring your CRM data to your mobile app and design interfaces optimized for smartphones and tablets!


Salesforce Training

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training." - Archilochus, Greek Soldier, Poet, c. 650 BC. Hartye Technology can design a myriad of technically impressive solutions for your business, but they're worth nothing if your employees, partners, or customers don't know how to use them. Let us provide the documentation, classroom training, and other resources you need to make your organization successful. We don't just train end users! Does your Administrator need best practices advice? Did your developer hit a wall on a project? Give us a call!


Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner